Friday, December 30, 2011

Flashback Road Trip Part 7: Almost home, One More Important Visit

September 21, 2011
Travel Itinerary: Thunder Bay, ON to Sault St. Marie, ON
Dark navy blue, dark roads ahead.  I wonder what the terrain looks like, and I wonder.  I smell skunk but I see a sign that says Maurice Stewart Bible Camp which appears out of no where in this dark tunnel I am racing through.  I push my foot down on the peddle. Nothing else in site, signs are scarce; just smells of damp forest and skunk. I’m driving, driving, driving...

Daylight: Lake Superior is Serendipitous. Rossport is dreamy (, periodic sounds of mathematical crashing creating a shoreline with sounds of pulling, piling and breathing, slowing my rhythm and pace.  Tree islands of innocent green grace the new orange and shades of fall.  Don’t speed. Enjoy.  Nature’s islands are speckled with houses, cottages and cabins. Shorelines meet the fog as the sky is pressing down.  

There is a symbiotic relationship between the angular rock hills and HWY 17; I know I am driving but I am being escorted. The soundtrack is Road Apples, The HIP ( – icons of this illustrious Canadian natural stew.  Gradations of grey, multiples of fornicating orange: “Don’t you want to see ‘where’ it ends”...

True Grit Canadians, a phrase I am familiar with in my respective tongue. I have heard many of these people and where they are from; what entitles our perch and balances our unsung, and I am in love with the uniqueness of every single one.

There are ghosts clinging to my thoughts from all the years I have not been here; what is a hero and what is a mentor.  Is it family? Friends? Occupations or jobs, fleeting desires compelling a search.  I am resting at this point of now as I straddle the possibilities.  This landscape makes an idea a home.  

Isn’t it fitting the “oh my” in mine, as Old Woman Bay ( lays in my arms like in some sort of dream, haven’t we met before?  From destinations traveled and stories kept, I have seen many places but nothing so close to home so unchartered.  

Lake Superior Provincial Park: ( showing moments to the sides of my side.  The destination is colourful, and huge.

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