Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Flashback Road Trip Part 1: Good Bye Whistler

September 2 – 14, 2011
Floating docks and friends on Alta Lake with fire pits,
trapdoors and bitch-pops until 2am;
beach cruiser cruising along the Valley Trail (, 40 km of winding vistas
and a panorama of snow-tips, brown gully’s and forest-tipped mountains
from Spruce Grove, Green Lake, Apline to Lakes Lost (,
golf courses primed and teddy bears of the 3-D kind
in every colour and size of their majestic girth
to Creekside and the other side of home-grown local watering holes
South of Southside’s pride ( to Function
(what a junction of art and business bonafide)(;
home-cooked dinners and dinners at Sushi ( combining parties
sending off new friends and old souls,
welcoming back those from a dusty desert Burningman patrol (; Craigslist -sold! from bed to bike and household goods alike
which cannot be stuffed into a Honda that I’m fond of -
this original companion and host for the last few years of wine touring (,
island touring ( and rocky mountain highways
in all terrain and all West Coast weather
of snow dumps, drizzles and sunny bliss;
54-40 concert in Olympic Plaza (
wailing jeers of new-school cougars dancing with their daughters,
mixing and mingling to catchy beats with bare feets;
long walks for art ( and hikes reuniting friends from years apart
last recalling when weather was not this good;
positivity pointing perspectives in the right direction
of our own introspection and habitual migration;
movie premiere Art of Flight (( meeting Mr.Rice and a crew
who soured and slid those salivating tips askew
hyping an imminent season of sensational snow, Bravo!;
saying good-bye to geography and wishful thinking
remembering primal fears and tears from bits of humour exchanged, echoing
 men are cowards and women are liars
LIFE – is –  GOOD.   

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