Friday, December 23, 2011

Flashback Road Trip Part 3: West Coast Host, Cow-town Alberta Bound and Found

September 16, 2011
Calgary, Marda Loop, Afternoon

Taking 14 hours (approximately) to get to Calgary (, I am awake after a lovely coma.  
The damp road meant taking it easy 'round the turns and twists and the few construction pits (mostly between Vernon and Golden).  Moments on the road were music at times sizeably loud and other times malleably soft; the fast-paced pavement and several flavours of gum chewed, tasted and spat and re-chewed for flavour, were abbreviated by frequent stops to digest the scene and stretch the limbs. 
An hour west of Banff ( the crown of the Cascades framed the sky amid frills of clouds in tessellations and the sun set silently but it drew cold breaths in the shade.  
Now as I reminisce in Cow-Town, I realize I have not been here in three years.  Once upon a time when I book-ended a summer in Calgary, stampeding ( and camping Kananaskis (, I came back for a few snow-sessions at Sunshine (, Lake Louise ( and Fernie (, and I pondered about making this paradise my permanent placement. 
However, as I sit here and scratch, peeling the tan I carefully acquired this summer watching it flake and whiten my once brown supple skin, I remember: Calgary is DRY! 
Observations of touring a West Coast haven are just words and maps but the spirit of the journey lies here in my self-propelled exploit because I am meeting old friends along the way who are helping me find my voice - All the while of course enjoying our similar LOVE of wine. Tonight: Bear Flag (, a blended Californian red by Beth and Hillary; spirited in flavour and bottled with an attitude.  Enjoy with picnic style nibblies and conversation which is just as funky and good.  

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