Sunday, December 25, 2011

Flashback Road Trip Part 4: Calgary is throaty rock and big boots

September 18, 2011 
Summary of Calgary
Una ( on a Friday Night: gourmet pizza on the patio - Swiss Chard, Double smoked bacon, wilted shard, goat provolone, piccante ~ a bit salty of a combo but the service and the delight of the night’s air was ours truly. The clever Stephen, our delicate and peppy server with a chivalrous bravado kept us smiling. We combined the gourmet pizza and our patio gaze on 17th Avenue with a bottle of Hugo, a Grenache/Shiraz (McLaren Vale, Australia, 2006).   The wine was not alone in keeping the evening dynamic and unfailing as we watched Calgary stumble down its concrete catwalk.  

The Trop (Bar and Grille) ( on a late Friday Night: a bar with a live band and great atmosphere.   Truthfully coined ‘around-the-corner-pub’ in all its bluster was never a let-down.  The service was bright and breezy and the fellow patrons were numbingly humorous to watch as we all mingled elbow space under the high-lit ceiling. Van Gough’s Espresso gets me every time. This bar had many kings, on top of their piles and our great escape at the end of the evening was a short walk home with heels in hand as the night was truly finished.
Morgan’s ( on a Saturday Night: a bar and a live band.  Bush League, the brining voice backed with the stunning chorus of unique and versatile scratches of classic covers and garage melodies.  Stardom into a microphone crooning the crowd as it swooned for more.  Brilliant to watch as the energy and exuberant drum player sweated and peeled for all of us, the rest sang from guts of musical reverie ~ and oh how the Lead Singer sang to me.  In the pit, fusing with the crowd, drinking bubbles of Mexican ale while everyone else fancied a rye, the conversation continued about cross-provincial-travels as this backdrop of the knee crashing and head swinging hymns became spectacles of Canadian accessory and charm. 
The Chinook Mall on a Sunday afternoon:  paying 5% tax on items instead of 13%, cruising for layers for myself... Victoria’s Secret ( making clothing confidence and rehab for new beginnings.  Lunch was an extra spicy and muddy Caesar at Joey Tomatoes, though the pretty waitresses with nothing between their high-heels to shaded eyelashes were a disappointment, the Rugby World Cup was truly shattering as the Canadians fared poorly against Ireland. 
All and all Calgary on a Sunday night is early to bed, early to rise.   It was a mellow night of checking out a point to drive to tomorrow on a crinkled paper map.  Thank you for the hospitality Cathy!!!

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