Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flashback Road Trip Part 10: Summary of 5 Provinces, 1 car, 1 plant, 1 ottoman, 1 driver and many voices:

Road Trippin’ Snack-Box: Vitamin Water x 4 (; Nature’s Valley Peanut butter Granola Bars; 1 bag of granny smith apples; The Granola King (Hemp Hazelnut blend) ( – adding almonds, chocolate covered raisins and peanuts;  2 x variety pack of various fruity and minty gums
Preferred Coffee and Bathroom Stops: MacDonald’s (4) and Tim Horton’s (8)
#of times filled up for gas and to stretch (even if tank was full): 16
$ spent on Gas (Vancouver, BC to Owen Sound, ON): $679.77
$ spent on Accommodation: $187.94 (Thanks friends!)
$ spent on Ferry Ride (South Baymouth to Tobermory): $51.65
# times lost: ....{under 10}
What I am asking for Christmas: GPS and a trip to the Dentist
# times glad there wasn’t a cop around: 4
# of illegal driving moves: 4
# cop cars I saw on the HWY: thought there would have been more; under a dozen
# Transports trucks I gave the finger to because they almost killed me: 2
Most disgusting road kill: severed deer
Most displeasing smell: Regina
Favourite Road tripp’n Bands: The Tragically Hip and Kings of Leon
Biggest disappointment: Marathon, ON
Best View: LSPP in mid-September
Average Distance covered (not including detours): 4224.45 km (
Estimated time until I do this trip in reverse: could be days, could be months, could be hours...

= Total experience, priceless.

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