Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Cat Peed In My Hat; How 'bout That:

Part Four: Flashback Road Trip, Three Days to Florida.  Characters:  Narrator (Andrea/Daughter), Captain John (Father), and Newt (the-Siamese/Himalayan- cat)

Day 3: February  15, 2012:Departing Tifton, Georgia at 8:15am. 14Celsius.
I had dreams about Newt in the SUV last night.  We couldn’t bring him into the hotel because it wasn’t ‘pet friendly’, so he fended with the shadows, hedges and street lamps. (Microtel, $50 a night, two Queen Beds and Free Wifi  ~ sorry Newt!)  Though, I don’t think he slept too much because as soon as he saw us in the morning and had a few things to say. 

As Cpt John and I restack our gear, shuffling mini-coolers and duffle bags; I scan the interior to see if Newt missed his litter on purpose. And then a rhyme comes to mind:

The cat peed in my hat
How ‘bout that
I put it on, it was so far gone
I did not realize
Until the smell materialized
As is stuck to my hair, how unfair;
The cat peed in my hat,
But least he did not shat!
(Titled: Kitty- Cat’s Revenge)
{Story by: Andrea Currie}

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