Friday, February 24, 2012

Convenience and Waffles:

Part Six: Flashback Road Trip, Three Days to Florida.  Characters:  Narrator (Andrea/Daughter), Captain John (Father), and Newt (the-Siamese/Himalayan- cat)

Day 3: February  15, 2012:

(Where did Red Lobster originate? The advertising signage has steadily increased since Tennessee.)

I have a summarized perspective of I-75 South. 
It is a generalized image of taste.
American’s love: waffles; knowing where the  nearest hotels/motels are located; and whether or not the nearest themed fast food chain is a buffet, better yet, all-you-can-eat 'dining' experience.  I have never seen so many names, varieties and themed Fast Food Chains;  America is the birthplace of the ‘now.  Shopping fast food as a billboard nation.

As “Y’All” mixes with “Yella” and finally “Life’s short, Have Seconds,” I graze in my confined space and feed the cat as he sheds and sweats with us to our final state of home  Newt is draped over his bed at my feet and as his head is as close to the air vent behind the dash board as possible.  It is hot.
{Story by: a. currie}

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