Monday, February 27, 2012

Easter Bonnet

“How did you know? The only way through my heart is through my head.” – {a.currie}

Kindness in a manufactured community. Tamiami village., St. James City, Fl.
Cpt John and I visited a family member’s property in this pop up community. 
The average age ....? 70 - as they zip along in their golf carts and tricycle cruisers.   Everyone knows everyone – including what they did before they retired;  where the union reps are vacationing from; and what ailments are currently causing their prohibition.  I listen to the conversations and observe mostly.  South Florida is home to as many pockets of northern seasonal explorers as the combination of loud golf-shirt/ pastel invariables combined.  
Cpt John fixes a shutter that was bolted shut; Ms Pauline comes out of the house with a knitted Easter bouquet: “This isn’t for you,” she smiles at Cpt John.
“Here dear,” Ms Pauline hands me the toque. “I need to keep my hands busy.”
{Images and Story by: Andrea Currie}

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