Friday, February 3, 2012

Flashback: Radiohead at UBC, 2009

This morning I am put back together with mascara and green gum, donning damp clothes from the night before.  
The sky opened when Radiohead took the stage at the UBC campus and it didn’t let up, but the band never stopped playing.  As we marched with the other 25,000  furled peoples, we collected colour in our appearance.  I was stilled for two hours and chilled by the crowd as our temporary fellowship crewed songs from memory as we mouthed new ones all the while. 
Fuzzy hair and heavy eyes follow me now as I meander home.  
The car stereo plays their songs again and I listen to my life unfold in ballad verse and play a lifespan from track one to the end.  My life is a CD; beginning to end, going through the motions of the chorus and the electronic backdrop soothing violins, guitars and base, steadying beats into its meditative state.
These brevity's between moments of self reflection echo a steady companion. 
Music is part of my journey; it is cohesive and personal, adding to life's illusory smoke and what I sing in myself.

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