Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gotta Love Cheap Booze

Part Two: Flashback Road Trip, Three Days to Florida. 
Characters:  Narrator (Andrea/Daughter), Captain John (Father), and Newt (the-Siamese/Himalayan- cat)

Day 1: February  13, 2012:
After a very successful border crossing, we enter Michigan... and we don't stop...

Sometime After Lunch
I assess the car situation...

My legs will need a stretch again sometime soon.

Ohio : A flea market - a very large gathering ground marked by gigantic giraffes which say ‘Trader’s World’ on I- 75 South of Dayton, Ohio.  The pit-stop shops colour the grey day of our way as these tiles of cultural antiquity layer a diverse American landscape.  Highway traffic with auto plates weaving in and out of commercial billboards and labels are something of familiarity; I imagine I recognize these reads from commercials back home, from our own satellite television feeds.

: Reststop/ Gas stop.  “Bobby Bush” – I have named him such, as he looks like a twin brother to George – I watch Bobby fill up his shwanky, sleek black SUV with large shiny rims. I say he looks like a politician but as I look closer he has a pitted faced and a sideways stare.  He is in a suit, looking very polished with a red flamboyant tie.  Cpt John says he’s a lawyer.  We agree he is a man with an objective.

Before we depart for I-75 South, the usual rituals take place: the tire pressure is checked and Cpt John’s portable air pump is used as one of the tires for the boat trailer is losing air.  And then I realize this drive will take us longer than originally planned.

: Richmond, Kentucky at Jameson Inn. http://www.jamesoninns.com
.With Coupon, $67 USD.  Full Wireless, kitchenette-type facilities and most importantly, two queen beds in a decent size suite as so Father and daughter’s personal barriers can exist with comfort and ease.

Evening Libation
Jr prom drink: Cpt John’s, 4% alcohol, Diluted Vodka – that cost $4.29 USD (24oz.)
Sr prom drink: Andrea’s Gnarly Head Cabernet Sauvingnon, 2010 California http://www.gnarlyhead.com
for $8.89 (USD).  Last had in Whistler for $18.99 (CND) - This wine is my absolute Favourite!  But today most especially because of the comforts of finding something familiar in regards to quality and price.

Aside : Traveler’s late nite snack of choice: Kings Hawaiian Rolls http://www.kingshawaiian.com and honey shaved turkey from the deli.  Basically Gnarly.

{Images and Story by: Andrea Currie}

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