Monday, February 20, 2012

Strategies Are Best Laid Accessories

Part One: Flashback Road Trip, Three Days to Florida.  Characters:  Narrator (Andrea/Daughter), Captain John (Father), and Newt (the-Siamese/Himalayan- cat)

Day 1: February  13, 2012:
Leaving Guelph, Ontario.  – 7 Celsius. 
In succinct, nomadic, chronological order...sort of:

3:34 am: Alarm goes off.  Shower. Admire the bloodshot eyes because I stayed up too late watching Funny Girl on TCM.

4:30 am: Pile the rest of the bags, Newt and his Rubbermaid container full of cat litter, and then us into the overstuffed SUV pulling a 22.5 foot Aqua sport.  It is so dark I feel like I should be going to bed, not waking up.

5:13 am: Climb onto the 401 Highway and watch the two head lights pull us West toward….
{insert snooze here}

9:00 am: Sit upright in the passenger seat with Newt wrapped in my arms and my toque still pulled over my eyes. I was dreaming about swimming, or something; the cottage was there somewhere, but I wake up and we are driving.  I remember - I forgot to pack my American Money… and my bathing suit.  

9:15 am: Windsor, Ontario - stop at a bank machine before we cross the border. 

9:40am: Border Crossing – the usual trivialities: No, Sir, we do not have any meats or perishables. …And, here are the cat’s documents  Except the attendant is focused on me.

And what do you do for a living Andrea.

I’m an artist.  My company is called PomonaLIFE.
(Strategically, I placed my business card in the clear jacket casing of my passport.)

How did you get the hat? he leans closer, to get a better look.

I’m wearing the 2012 ‘5.11’ Tactical Hat that I got last month when I stumbled across the Shot Show in Vegas.  

I smile.

{Images and Story by: Andrea Currie}

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