Friday, March 30, 2012

recoil in the minds of the doers...

The poor are those without talents; the weak are those without aspirations. – Chinese Proverb

Days' off are not entirely off; just 'off'.

Pulled into time lines through media books – finding a voice is editing former selves of accomplishment and it feels like sometimes/ most times/ all the time, we are constantly trying to reinvent the same old as New! and Exciting!! 
I am reinventing a craft that sounds the exact same to everyone else  - except to my one self: My Ego that reads everything back to me. Art is beyond the physical; as much as we pretend it means something when we hold it in our hands, it is the weight it has when we aren't touching it that truly makes a difference.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

his horse rode off in a battle cry:

 - freedom is change.

there are all kinds of family..

that's the choice you're going to have to make.

I read between the lines:

He says,  
"The fingerprints of my adolescence is the life that wasn’t mine."

Acoustic, Empty Bars

Plucking strings of a cactus,
flowering notes and juicy words,
believing moments in the chorus are the first
of every experience after dark -
when petals get damp, the air goes cool
and the soil still holds the heated memory of you....

Copyright 2010-2012. PomonaLIFE, All Rights Reserved.

........Stay Tuned ......

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday's are full of "A's"

Even though it's grey outside, dipped with green furry branches and cold breezes, colour is the conversation and a conversation piece -
 Thanks for taking the time to visit and give us a 'Studio Tour.'
  Check out Andrew Peycha to enlighten and brighten your mood, and walls.


Journey -

Only those who have experienced it will understand it. – John Steinbach
{Image: a.currie}

Cassandra, prt II

I am sick,
thrashing for motive
in a whimpering body -
splitting spirits,
clinging to the immodesty
and  torrid censorship of myself.

Broken carelessly into splinters,
maybe I’m getting what i deserve -
recollections of thematic moans
as I swoon in the hour glass of my shape.
I am exactly where I am supposed to be,
Bursting out of this chorus inside of me;
In a breaking daylight,
I am somebody that I used to know.
Copyright 2010-2012. PomonaLIFE, All Rights Reserved.

how to stop worrying

Late Nite Drawing, when really... why am I still awake?....
Something to fall asleep to:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Timed steps
leading half-truths
from delicate Egos
and clever liars,
melding footsteps and floorboards
like toothpicks into bleeding gums 
in a waltz with devil forks
and fallen angels 
holding tails and glossy eyes,
running instead of flying.
Copyright 2010-2012. PomonaLIFE, All Rights Reserved.

Love that Old Man:

"Apple pie without cheese is a kiss without a squeeze." - Grandpa Currie

FinerMINDS & FinerBODY

Mood Food!

i am layered.

the way i see
the media in me,
tap tap tap
into the vowels and hardened language of status
forming paragraphs and words
meanings into words
as we post
and re-post;
the constant gardner
layering intention with another
building nonesense -
pretending everything is always
Copyright 2010-2012. PomonaLIFE, All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Let Go of the Ego:

really IS reality:
i really wish means, something of desire;
i really ask means, i want it in return;
i really intend means, i will get it;
i really with Passion means, I harden my will and make it happen.

Wayne Dyer, How to get what you really want. 2009.

Talk to your Wings

Ojibwe poem says, “Sometimes I go about pitying myself when all the while I am being carried across the sky on a pair of great wings.”

Late Nite Recollections:

Somebody mentioned something about swingers - it could have been the bar, the mood or the band. Bluesy Jazz as updated golden rock, spinning in these decades later and just as saltry and seductive as listening to the record in your parents’ basement with the girl you were in love with in high school.

I am under-age compared to these kids.  But I enjoyed the scene.  I liked watching their moves, their slips; because I was a shadow and puppeteer providing the strings for their entertainment.
Age has nothing to do with it. It was just sheer cougar.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thinking is the best way to travel – The Moody Blues

For those of us who get motion sickness,
especially when trying to keep up with ourselves in our thoughts.


I can’t go down this road with you. You are not manipulative – you are simply a man. (Excerpts from another little-black-book, in another little-black-bar.)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

After the Shower:

5 Most Important minutes of your day.

Vishen sheds some much needed light on the power of simple daily rituals that will allow you to master whatever goal or dream you set out for yourself.

Check out for more videos like this!
(care of

Brain, to mouth, to fingers into Air?

Creative is a process of touching thoughts to a physical place which is sometimes most frustrating... at least when you are in the communication phase - 

The Social Media Rabbit-Landscape...

Layering and Multiplying the way (s) in which we filter information and perspective, inspires me.  I am pulled in hundreds of directions all day; thoughts, things; spirituality, duality; impressions of monolithic implications.  Oh the tangled web we weave...

Information Digestions:
Check out some links:
VANcity Wooden streets and hollow heels.
Interesting feeds and article:

Get connected to something.  Just show up.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Home from another night at this office:

New Menu. New Tastes. Old Flavours ~
My oh My, what Excellent service!
Congratulations THC for making this town quite the place to be. 

Happy Birthday to those that dined before, after and yet to come. 
Downtown has never looked so fine
To show how Collingwood dines ~
Etiquette and Style, Music Dialed...

See you tomorrow Night at The Huron Club

Quote of the Day:

(Reference: "I live in a bubble," she says)
"The bubble in the circle is the bubble to watch out for." - Todd

Attractive is an Energy

we have something like 20,000 thoughts a day; thoughts come and go.  what do you believe in? what evidence do you support your reality.

Sean Stephenson

An Inspiring Thought:

I am propelled to change for change and be the change,
because we cannot always know our path until the path finds us. 
I find comfort in this as a fact but also as a state of mind. 
The endeavors of change are rooted in possibility. 

Monday, March 19, 2012


I am consumed by a collage
Linking successes with
Pieces I can chew;
I want to represent you,
Support you -
Provide a space for us.
It's simple really ~
Collaborative Beauty.

Copyright 2010-2012. PomonaLIFE, All Rights Reserved.

Morning's Song

A past sweet song from the memory of you
like day light through the blinds
rolling over to morning's song

and the road that leads to my mind
disturbing the restlessness
of peace, and dreams that took me away;

but the song of light reminds me that no peace I’ll find,
awakening to the illusion that senses bring
never seeing the hour so bright

and the ache so blue,
next to morning's blue like the clouds that separate
reawakening my sight

reuniting paths split as softly as drifting,
once again, to inviting my dreams
in spite of what I have already lost.

Copyright 2010-2012. PomonaLIFE, All Rights Reserved.

Time Poems:

Ben Jonson, “Come My Celia” (1606)
Robert Herrick, “To the Virgins to make Much of Time” (1648)
Edmund Waller, “Go Lovely Rose” (1645)
Andrew Marvell, “To His Coy Mistress” (1681)
George Herbert, “The Collar” (1633)

Read stories with your eyes, ears and imagination. – anon


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Old Women on the World:

"The way the world is now, money is family." - Mum, Alice Adams, 1935

She wept and said things she didn’t understand...


the creative thinker stARTs:

My heart is swollen. I have so much here I don’t know what I’m meant to do with it all.  I wipe the days' crust from the corner of my eyes and I gather a frame of mind.

You are overwhelmed, he says. 
I pretend to ignore his limited perspective of the situation.
What ever you do, you will not starve.  He smiles and nudges my arm as if he's made a joke.
I return the smile and find comfort in his inability to add worry to my moment. 
Time passes like thoughts pressed into a juicer.  Loud noises and life take-over: the phone rings, the fridgerator hums; the cat bellows from the basement  and I listen for a call in return.
Your key board is so quiet, he finally says.

Step up, and see what I see:


i live for scenarios.

Grapefull Greetings!

Dr Seuss Sunday Brunch:

The legs and eyes of aquatic friends have found their way into a stew brew fresh enough to squirm in a broth of delicious spice and flavour.  I am inspired to draw legs instead of branches and gills instead of leaves.  Swimming roots and spiral tides... oh the possibilities arise.  {a.currie}

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Women against Women on Men:

"If you want to attract a sophisticated man you're going to have to project your personality." - Two Weeks With Love, 1950, Jane Powell


up and down, up and down
lullaby waves
sunny pies in the sky
clouds of pocket breezes

castaways fishing
humorous rods catching miniature beasts
suspecting lean
fragrant feasts

curvy tranquil waters
pushing my pen
up and down,
up and down.

{Written by: Andrea Currie}


Manifestation is the word of the moment: to change, to order; to capture, to conjure. To will it - think it, to create it. Own it. Authentic murmurs in complicated thoughts. Step back and see, "Every day I am one step closer to my dreams."

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Out of Context: Glorious Cheese

..."The Dutch have no religion, they have cheese." - Helen Mirren, Elizabeth 1, Part One of Two, HBO

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"...I was I was a Messenger and all the news was good..."

...I wish I was the souvenir you kept your house key on...
- Pearl Jam, Wishlist, Live Montreal 10-4-00 Canada Disc 1

Too many wishes to consider ~ let's just be grateful for the company and the soundtrack x a.

From My Childhood:

As I catch my breath, writing letters of awareness into my past, pulling old connections with finger hooks with today's relevance and important messages, I can't help but refasten these cords of connectivity.  The deeper I go, the more people I reach, the more I want to keep traveling back into these moments before the now - before cancer, before sickness, before loss. The more committed I am to raising money for such a cause - for such a woman, the more I want her here to show.  For Mum. 
{Andrea Currie}

Women against Women on Men:

"If it is one thing European men adore, it's a clinging vine."

- Two Weeks With Love, 1950, Jane Powell

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Winds and the Waves are Always on the Side of the Best Navigators - Edward Gibbon

Finished. July 2012. 14 Hrs. 
37cmx54cm, Canal Jute Paper, Black Archival Ink.
Original will be shown in the Calendar Series Show in the Fall 2012.
Limited Ed Prints (12 only) Available for Sale
Printed on Archival Water Colour Paper: $170. Plus Shipping.

Today, I echo the fine balance between appearance and reality.

"There is a transparency between me and the story I am creating." - Amy Tan

Sunday's Beginnings

{Image by: a.currie}


"I'll give you a hint, sometimes things are exactly as they appear."
- Morgan Freeman, The Big Bounce, 2003

{Images by: a.currie}

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Turning on a Light:

{Image by: Andrea Currie}

"I don’t like plots. I don’t know what a plot means. I can’t stand the idea of anything that starts in the beginning — you know, ‘beginning, middle and end.’"  (Maira Kalman)

Theme of the Day: Wonderment

"Observation is our most powerful tool." ~ PomonaLIFE

Men on Women:

"I'd never met such a difficult girl to feed." - Yves Montand, Let's Make Love, 1960

The Motivation for Collaboration ~ Inspirational Words and ART

Question = What is worth while - spending time on something?

Marian Bantjes Intricate Beauty By Design:

"I wonder as an impetus to enquiry".... Marian Bantjes

The Best Way to Start the Day is with "DISTRUPTIVE WONDER"

Wipe the late morning sleep out of your eyes, climb into the cup of coffee that smells like home, and reconsider a different approach to the everyday.
Kelly Anderson: Design to Challange Reality

..."small things act as a humbled backdoor into understanding a reality that is infinitily surprising..."

To All My Artists Out There: "The world is full of order; the moment we become creative is when we shake it up..."

Men on Women:

"Love is no more than the touching of two skins." - Anthony Perkins, Goodbye Again, 1961

July 2012... Almost finished..
a few more skins to meld,
 a few more roots to join;
a few more inspirational distractions
to find.
All in the name of Love.
{Andrea Currie}

Friday, March 9, 2012

Expand the ways we handle the every day and step into our own meditative charm:

Longevity is flexing sexy mentally...

Thank you Finerminds Team for sharing a different fountain of internal youth ~ {a.currie}

images collectively add up to something

Work In Progress... {a.currie}

Women on Love:

"It's a fancy way of saying two people wanna swing." - Diahann Carroll, Goodbye Again, 1961

Quote of the Day:

"I just tripped down email memory hell, I mean lane - I am the girl that helps men fall in love with everyone else."  (- you know who you are...)

Last time we met:

I called you the 'cornerstone' in my life - you are a block that gives me an edge and makes me stand strong.  Today, you just reiterated that fact.

 - Andrea Currie

For Judy:

"Dusting the future, our fingertips create our reality." - Ondrea.

I have purpose just because I am.  Right now is full of value.
This is me, I write on the take-out container.
Judy takes my pen and smiles into her moment as she writes, Me is now.


Guelph Artist: Michael Byers

Colourful commentary - things we are acting out and not necessarily in the forefront of memory...

there are no accidents; only uncalculated actions...

i added brown. oh my god. i'm evolving....

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Maria Ayala
Design Broker

Great Style.
Amazing Efforts.
Great Cause.
Check it Out!

((Thanks for the tour and your inspiration - Happy Healing Girl!!))


I am naturally Lovely.

What's in a word... what's in the word lovely
Thoughts progress more-or-less because to obsess is the natural state of a woman ;o)

I love the lines.
The negative bits.
The holes.
The curves.
The lines.


POMONALIFE Breast Cancer Calendar:

3 trees finished, 3 in progress.... 6 to go.  Yeah!  Sponsorships welcome... I'm just crunching the numbers and distribution lists now.  Please facebook or email: for all enquiries, comments, suggestions, links.. etc.  And LOVE YOUR WOMEN ~ touching breasts with permission ;o)

Productive Rainy Day in downtown Ontario

Works In Progress...

Another day at the office...

Women on Men:

"If you’re in a romantic mood then go to the movies."
- Jane Wyman is Marcy the bubbly stewardess in Three Guys Named Mike – a photographer is hitting on her and she doesn’t want anything to do with it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Each Card is printed on White Birch Card Stock, % Recycled Paper. Includes Colour Insert for Flare and Unique Presentation.  Each card is sealed in a Protective, Re-usable cellophane and Environmentally Friendly case for Packing and Display.

$5 ea.
5 for $20

An Andrea Currie Design c/o

Dear Artists... Wherever you are:

I have found some interesting pieces to the puzzle:

Don't ever stop creating.
Thank you for the eyeball reads
the entertaining feeds
and this inspirational belly of mine
which you have coloured so fine,
Don't ever stop creating.

(Written by: A.Currie}

I draw up-side-down...
July 2012...b/c it's hot.
{By: Andrea Currie}

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Out of Context: In Context

"Things were getting worse before we could lower our standards."
- Carrie Fisher, Wishful Drinking, 2008

(Carrie Fisher on her relationship with Paul Simon, ex husband, when she was 28 years old.)

Written on the Walls when HappyHR is:

"The Waterfront," St James City, Florida.

To be rich is to know you have enough.

You look like I've been drinking.

If you are drinking to forget - Pay in Advance.

No working during drinking hours.

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than......{insert comment here}...

{Documented by: a.currie}

SuziSqueeez! You are what you Eat. Juice Cleanse by Suzi.

The Hollywood: Banana, almond butter, flaxseed, blueberries & almond milk.

Good Luck Suzi!!!


Plane ride entertainment; or most evenings; or even online...Never a dull moment.....Informing and enlightening, and absolutely hilarious..... Rick Mercer -

One Step at a time...

What'd you do this morning?
Big things!
I walked.

Dark Victory, 1939, George Bent, Bette Davis

Breakfast Foods: Granola King

"Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Custav Jung

A Morning to reflect. Thank you Sarah for the Link:

Live Your Truth, Love Your LifeBy Terri Cole on March 6, 2012

“Comparison is the thief of joy” -Dwight Edwards

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Women on Love:

"Life is the messy bits."  - Vanessa Redgrave, Letters to Juliet, 2010

Out of Context: Psyche

"They could discover who your are, and that would be horrid for you." - The Ghost Writer, 2010

{Images by: Andrea Currie}

Sunday's Are: Lip Balm, Felt-tip Pens and Editing-Out Snow


Men on Women:

"Just because I'm sorry doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it."

Character Description: Squeaky Doors & Murders, That's The Sort of Thing I Like

the unnecessary character - martha maid
goes into the room and pulls the shade,
into the shadow of someone else's riot
her perception of death is quiet;
the necessary character - marth maid
is the focus of the scene fade.

Copyright 2010-2012. PomonaLIFE, All Rights Reserved.

Women on Men:

"Remember, the doctor said it would be bad for me to not have my own way." - Betty Gable, My Blue Heaven, 1950

Someone's Sitting in the Shade Today Because Someone Planted a Tree a Long Time Ago.

The Life & Lovef of Trees, Lewis Blackwell.

Vibrating with excitement -

social windows: are the things we do when we realize that people are watching; but they may not be watching us.
i am in a constant state of observation.  as long as my fingers find their grooves and the descriptions find an easel, i find the smells of such places mirror tastes of probability.  productivity is exotic.
tap tap tapping is enticing.
romantic? i dunno, catch me on vacation - business is pleasure because it is productive. 
There is love in the pen quill ~ love in the ink. 

Copyright 2010-2012. PomonaLIFE, All Rights Reserved.

Out of Context: An Image

..."We'll be such useful people in the world." - Bette Davis, Dark Victory, 1939

You Need to be Noticed, Before You Can Be Seen.

{Image by: A. Currie}