Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From My Childhood:

As I catch my breath, writing letters of awareness into my past, pulling old connections with finger hooks with today's relevance and important messages, I can't help but refasten these cords of connectivity.  The deeper I go, the more people I reach, the more I want to keep traveling back into these moments before the now - before cancer, before sickness, before loss. The more committed I am to raising money for such a cause - for such a woman, the more I want her here to show.  For Mum. 
{Andrea Currie}


  1. Beautiful thoughts in these well written words! Our Mothers give us half our DNA - they are truly a part of each one of our cells. This is why the loss of a mother, no matter what our relationship, is felt so deeply. I lost mine four years ago and miss her often...especially in times of anxiety when her laugh, and calm words would soothe. Our task is to find others (and there are others) who can do this for us, and us for them.

  2. Thank you for your comments. Very true how our Mother's never leave us, but how beautiful it is that we always find other women, and sisters, to help 'mother' one another. ~ a.


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