Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quote of the Day: Don't do two things at once if you can't do one thing really well. - Papa Currie

There is this tiny squeal and then a loud Pop! The egg jumps up out of the dry burning pot and explodes into the air.
Dad, I yell, your eggs!
Damn! I hear him wrestle with a drawer at the top of the stairs before he thumps down, rushing onto the scene.
I'm standing in kitchen admiring the eggshell shrapnel.  Hard boil bits are minuscule and everywhere.

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  1. Must run in the family...

    Last fall when I was away for a weekend, Scott put a pot of eggs on to boil... and then went for a walk in the woods... He came back to a house full of smoke and the smoke alarm blaring. I came back the next day and the house still reeked of burned egg, he totalled my pot, but I guess I should have been glad I still had a house.


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