Monday, April 30, 2012

Where Kitchen-Town becomes Geography-Town, and the beats that get us through the days, nights and their spaces between are just as filling as the remedies of Music-Love, Food-Love and Music Food.

Neil Young “On the Beach”

Sensationally sullen
Holding onto the eclipse of beat
Undeviating melodic grit -
We listen like aphonic children:
Though my problems
Are meaningless,
That don't make them
Go away.
I need a crowd of people,
But I can't face them
Day to day
To be in this town
this Kitchen-Town fictionalizing our Geography-Town,
I must remember
Every then and now
 ….Get out of town….
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  1. Contextualized Quote of the Moment:

    “Just read your last blog with the poem and neil young tune. Your mind blows me away. I think I’m in love.” – He says.

    “LOL. Your mind and my mind are on another plane. We as bodies just entertain the sensual levels of taste.” – She says.


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