Saturday, May 26, 2012

Orson Welles in Pasolini´s about Italian society and its middle-class:

I am a force from the Past,
tradition is my only love,
I come from the ruins, churches,
altarpieces, forgotten hamlets,
in the Appenines
and the foothills of the Alps,
where dwell our brothers,
I walk the Tuscolana way
like a madman,
the Appian way
like a dog without a master,
I behold the twilight,
the mornings over Rome,
over Ciociaria,
over the world,
like the first acts of post-history,
which I witness
by privilege of birth,
from the utmost edge
of some buried age,
monstrous is the man born,
from the bowels of a dead woman,
and I,
adult fetus,
wander, more modern
than any modern,
in search of brothers,
who are no more.
- Pier Paolo Pasolini

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