Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pretty Popular: Collingwood's Farmer's Market

Artisans and Foods and...
the collecting pot for the cultural bits aligning our pits,
demonstrating our authentic fit ~

Perspectives and practices to praise
in the presentation of such personal purchases, I grazed;
Art is intrinsic as much as we flaunt these spectacular feathers of particulars -
functionality is portrayed and displayed as remolded product is made
into these stunning accessories that make a community-life fit,
a little more beautiful.

As we create, coordinate and articulate
talents we have only touched to
the surface,
I abbreviate:
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Check it Out:
Silver Artistry
The origin of the spoon ring dates back to the 17th Century Britain. 
We can create jewelry from antique flatware that has been passed down through your family, or choose one of ours.  Each piece is hand made from a silver plated spoon or fork and is researched to find the original pattern name and date it was made. 
- Silver Artistry

Gazelle Earthworks
Silann Kaduc
8 Spruce Street, Collingwood
705 446 4419
Silann invites you to visit her clay and glass studio,
by the Harbourside Trail,
featuring original,
functional and decorative works.

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