Monday, June 25, 2012

The Mechanical Photograph

You have captured my wisdom
Woven a picture pressed into a fragment of time

One piece is missing
One factor is lingering,
But one moment is painted with colour.

In our peripheral nostalgia
Communicating breakdowns as life’s measure,
We reassemble into a state of compromise
Revealing a posture that mimics ourselves –

Our minutes consist in the hours of anticipated reunions,
Participating a palpitating heart;

Yesterday is gone but not forgotten
And tomorrow,
Captured in visual maturity
Is our sense of security.

Just because we are not in our every day
Doesn’t mean we can’t survive,
Because now is as relative as now
And I have been in love with you
For longer than then.

Copy Right 2012 PomonaLIFE, all rights reserved

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