Friday, June 8, 2012

Murders and Thieves

By the purse of your lips you are guilty
History’s record is fictional
Your life is trial enough
Distorted by subjectivity and feelings
You cannot hurt me anymore

My education has made me
It is unavoidable and anti-heroic
Knowledge has made me less flexible

Whining viciously
Seeking justice in tombs of allegorical fraud

Unintelligent fool
You are a fictional character
Tripping over discourse
Encountered but never understood

I was once compassionate to your quest
Accommodating and impressed
Indulgent to the energy you possessed
Holding a conviction you bestowed in all of us

Finding joy in cynicism
And roaring thoroughfares through glass-plated houses

I am tired now

Looking through these narrow slits of this jail window
I have followed you as long as I can
My nursery is shaded with vertical iron
My membrane is orange

I have no scruples
Nudging glances I exchange with my inquisition
My made mistake

Guilty persons are most attractive because they stand out largest in a crowd.

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