Sunday, July 1, 2012

365 Days Back to Summer

Sunny deck days and sweaty brows
Enjoying the glow of work
Making fun in the appearance of have-to's,
Nothing had-to, just was;
Summer days of last years memorable heat
And the company of feeling the love of just being
In this presence of heat.

Today weekends are tied together
Bringing us back to what we adore,
Vitamin love which bathes our senses
Cooling thoughts as we beg for more;
I am tethered to the thought,
Clipped to the line
Drying out my socks
Letting my feet dangle
Over the edge of lake docks.

Today is a day for unlatching the cap,
Laughing and playing
Undoing the knots that have us tied;
No more waiting, no more delaying-
It is a celebration of family,
Good times and good play
With friends and neighbors
As we say,
Happy Canada Day!
Copy Right 2012 PomonaLIFE, all rights reserved

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