Thursday, August 23, 2012

One Woman to the World:

Top ten things I have learned while starting my own business:

1.      There is nothing quick, about Quick Books.
2.      Working in a restaurant (serving) is an excellent way to stay out of debt; all the while learning how to balance the Egos and manage the particulars of public interaction when you are in a position that doesn’t necessarily represent your company, but you are the face ~ a trial run for challenged smiles and good behavior.

3.      Networking at all times is exhausting.

4.      Coconut water (no sugar added) is your best early morning rise remedy.

5.      The iPhone makes business and social media extremely accessible and convenient ~ driving traffic to sites and representing sites are made easy for someone who can't sit in one place for long.

6. Always have an extra suit/outfit ready-to-be-worn in your car, including: under garments, an extra pair of shoes, perfume, bronzer, and a tooth brush (trust me).

7.      Brainstorming is essential before, during and after any major project ~ ideas layer themselves into new and better ways of seeing/doing things.

8.      Collaborative brainstorming needs  structure or scaffolding ~ otherwise the tequila is brought out too soon.

9.      Always smile.  Always breathe.  One bad day is never as bad as it seems.

10.  Take time to support someone else by listening, promoting or buying ~ the starving artist, successful artist, or not-yet-on –the-scene artist, small business, large business or just the community hot-spot.

We’re all in this together!
founder of a PomonaLIFE,

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