Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Art & Andrea

Q'n: What happens when you Google your name?
Ans: I find my talented doppelgangers!

Andrea Currie on Andrea Maguire:

Smooth and fluid emotion sweeping pages and glances
I am left serene and intrigued
caught in ferried happiness
transporting feelings in a current of familiar lines and smiles.
Amazing Find, fitted to a day of wet lines on the window pane and the anticipation of fall days.

Metaphor is the connection between form and spirit. It encapsulates meaning, cutting directly through consciousness to the unconscious. It is an essential language of transformation, transforming one form of energy into another. Human experience has from its first glimmering of pictorial vision and spiritual aspiration has been connected with metaphor and archetypal imagery. The artist, challenges old vocabularies, pursues new vehicles of interpretation and strives to create new forms of discourse – to provide a new access for the human psyche so that it can embrace the emergence of the immense dynamic whole in the intensity of the transcendent moment at the point at which form and spirit meet.
"Ancient Dance"

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