Thursday, September 27, 2012

Morning Pep Talk


Quick, get up, wipe the sleep out of your eyes and don the look of the day. 
You closed last night and got home a wee late, but you were in bed before your witching hour when the birds replace the night with the blank look of a morning stare.
Today is another black shirt, black pants, black shoes and black apron kind of day.  You work a double - therefore no time for planning and prepping the ins and outs of organizing your art show this November 9, 2012, at the Tremont. 
Instead, today, you will be a waitress and faciliate good humour, good food, and good ideas.
Except, as you climb into your morning coffee and prepare for the realities of this day, you see that you left yourself a little to-do list on 10 tiny post-it notes. 
Don't get too comfortable in your seat, you need to pick up your 5th hundred calendar order from the printer, and you need to up date your newest sales representative as the Georgian Hills Vineyard on your website.  Then, you need to run some personal errands and put money in your account so your rent cheque doesn't bounce next week. 
Remember how organized your mother was regarding financial management - you are now mirroring her strengths as you keep a record of the everything.
Are you exhausted? Want to go back to bed?
Hardly! You are motivated, you are excited ~ today is another day of juggling your passions and another chance to welcome in all the possibilties that make your future.  Look what was said about you yesterday, today is only another beginning.


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