Friday, November 16, 2012

Exhibit about more than art

COLLINGWOOD — A local artist will be launching a three-week show at the Tremont on Saturday that isn't so much about her art, but the exploration of a way of life.
The opening for Andrea Currie's Pomona Life will be from noon until 5 p.m., with music by Romney Getty from 1 until 3. While Currie's fine art tree drawings will be highlighted, the three-week show will also feature ceramics (Kirsty Wilson), jewellery (Donna Michelle), painting (Andrea Rinaldo), wood signcraft (Paul Mackle), and yoga (Deanna Saugh and Amanda Casey).
Pomona was the Roman goddess of fruit trees, gardens and orchards; Currie created Pomona Life as a community for artists to showcase their finished work in a collaborative web-based environment.
"This is about showcasing art and expression, and creating something and engaging people," said Currie. "I'm working with graphic designers, writers… everyone involved has very different talents, and we're working on this project together."
Like the Roman goddess, says Currie, artists spend hours, days, and sometimes years cultivating their work.
Currie's work at the show will be the 12 pieces presently featured in a 2013 calendar she created to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation; her mother died of cancer last October.
Currie's calendars have so far raised $3,200 for breast cancer research; the calendars are $20, with $15 going to the foundation.
Currie's pieces represent a tree in various stages, through growth, decay, and resurrection. She started the drawing as a way of handling her grief after her mother's passing.
"I started drawing, a couple of trees a month, and it became a good stepping stone for a show," she said. "There's a real story that goes with it."
Currie also has an upcoming show at the Dufferin County Museum.
Along with the opening on Saturday, and exhibit evening party will be held on Nov. 23 at the Tremont, with music by Shane Cloutier, from 7 until 10 p.m.
For more information, and a list of events during the show at the Tremont, check out The show runs until Dec. 9. There is no admission cost.

By Morgan Ian Adams, Enterprise-Bulletin