Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happiness is Productive

What is Intention?
Flow, The Paradox of Intention:
From Engage Today 2010, Vishen Lakhiani discusses the 2 key ingredients to achieving flow and in doing so accomplishing BIG goals while remaining balanced and happy.

Mojo is a more elusive sense of personal advancement through the world. You’re moving forward, making progress, achieving goals, clearing hurdles, passing the competition – and doing so with increasing ease.  What you are doing matters and you enjoy doing it. Sports people call it being in the “zone.” Others describe it under the umbrella term “flow.” -  Mojo, Marshall Goldsmith
I was early taught to work as well as play.
My life has been one long, happy holiday;
Full of work and full of play –
I dropped the worry on the way –
And God was good to me everyday.
- John D. Rockefeller