Thursday, November 8, 2012

The skins of trees have an inside voice. - Andrea Currie

With each piece in my Calendar Folio: Sacred Worship - Growth, Decay and Resurrection, I accompany my fine art illustrations with a descripition and explanation.  I explore the connotations of the month, their associations and my personal interpretation.  In all of these pieces there is a part of myself, inked and woven, compiling the notion that the skins of trees have an inside voice...

"January 2012"
"January is scaffolding made of bones, molding our beginnings as Nature grows its flesh onto our unique selves. I am standing tall, embracing the breeze.  Oblivious to the cold, I flex my toes on frozen earth.  January is the doorway to a new year - and to an altered Universe...
It is here that I begin my study and my fascination with the skins of trees and their influence on me. My lines are layers, dark and delicate, starting with bare branches; I draw and follow the ink on the page in a layered motion, as if reaching up to the sky for the sun to warm my fingertips.  I am ready for the days ahead of me." {a.currie}

Exhibit Opening: Saturday November 17, 2012
12pm -5pm
Art is Community.
See you there!