Thursday, December 20, 2012

Paul-André Leblanc

Real or make believe, you decide.
I am on a journey, filled with inspiring thoughts, images and creative voices.  Along the way, paved with friends, family and new perspectives, I am given these gifts of pictures, links and words.  I have found many artists, authors and poets to look up to and into.  
I am grateful to be a part of this journey.
Live in the world like you created it.
~ a.
The Man Who Makes Trees

A naked tree, dormant, well planted on a stone and the illusion is almost perfect.
We think of Japanese gardens to bonsai, all these miniature replicas of our universe.
Paul-André Leblanc, he made trees. It saves the smelter and copper wire gets lost otherwise, and with the copper itself from the earth he trees.
His sculptures stand on a table or on a pedestal, and irresistibly eye-catching. Every tree and branch are different.
One can imagine the sap flowing, you can see the trunks with every whim of their youth or wrinkles of the aging process.
Paul-André Leblanc
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