Thursday, December 6, 2012

There are no words

Your story comes from the same box of your anonymous letters.
- My Forbidden Past, 1951 (Ava Gardner, Robert Mitchum)

A letter:
I am inspired today.  I was inspired yesterday.  What a gift it is to look through the eyes of another and see a perfectly good explanation.  There are no words, no stories to put us back together again except to say, Thank you.
Giorgio de Chirico
Italian, born Greece. 1888-1978
The Seer
Oil on canvas

Italian painter, writer, theatre designer, sculptor and printmaker. De Chirico was one of the originators of Pittura Metafisica. His paintings are characterized by a visionary, poetic use of imagery, in which themes such as nostalgia, enigma and myth are explored. He was an important source of inspiration for artists throughout Europe in the inter-war years and again for a new generation of painters in the 1980s. His abrupt stylistic changes, however, have obscured the continuity of his approach, which was rooted in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, and this has often led to controversy.
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