Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to discover and use your signature strengths

I am a sieve for ideas. I am a sponge for happiness. Click the links below and discover how you can make some happy decisions!
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"How to discover and use your signature strengths"
by Brian Johnson
(Published on Nov 26, 2012)
Want happiness? Put your virtues in action. Modern-day positive psychologists tell us it's all about using our signature strengths. Here are some ideas on how!

Authentic Happiness.com

GIVING    Do things for others
RELATING Connect with people  
EXERCISING   Take care of your body  
APPRECIATING Notice the world around
TRYING OUT  Keep learning new things  
DIRECTION   Have goals to look forward to  
RESILIENCE Find ways to bounce back  
EMOTION   Take a positive approach  
ACCEPTANCE   Be comfortable with who you are  
MEANING   Be part of something bigger

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