Monday, January 7, 2013

Kind and gentle tips for a healthy 2013 - by Kris Carr

Kind and gentle tips for a healthy 2013. Pick one or two points to focus on this month. If they all resonate, go for it. I’ve kept this short, sweet and doable. Keep in mind that these suggestions are not about “never” doing something ever again. I want to set you up for success, not bloody falling-off-the-wagon accidents followed by self-flagellating. If you slip, congratulations! You’re HUMAN. Ask yourself why and listen carefully to the answers. Growth-a-go-go. If these tips work for you, keep them going, one glorious day at a time. - Kris Carr

Click the below link to implement some healthy tips for 2013. 
Body, mind and spirit alignment - here we go!
One tree at a time...
Putting forests on walls all over the world.
~ a.

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