Monday, January 14, 2013

The Gift Legacy & Christine Cowley

I met Christine Cowley in Collingwood, Ontario, about 8 months ago.  We were introduced through a mutual friend who thought we would get along and perhaps collaborate on a future project.  

Little did I know that this amazing woman would inspire and direct me in so many ways that I am still in awe of her talent and voice.

As a visual artist, entrepreneur and aspiring novelist, I am open to receive the guidance provided.  Much like a GPS is programmed onto a destination, though there are different routes provided, I am always ready with a sense of adventure for what the journey entails because I know I can’t go this path alone.

Christine has become a good friend, mentor and confidant.  Christine’s passions are mixed with her perceptive and intuitive eye which she shares with us in her book The Gift.

If you haven’t already, take a few minutes and follow the link below:

If you’re an artist, entrepreneur, professional, or an authentic-self-seeker, read Christine’s latest blog posts to familiarize yourself with you.  

Begin your journey.
~ a.

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