Thursday, February 21, 2013

I draw more than just trees

I have seen this silhouette before.
It dances and sways,
extending from my core;
It beats and plays,
Humming what I adore.
I have seen you before.

You have been sending me pictures of trees, and really they are something else
YOU are inspiring!!
~ a.

Images starting top left to right, clockwise: 
A view into outer space, a nebula; x-ray of a heart; a deciduous tree; x-ray of capillaries in a lung. 

From a distance, it looks like an illustration of trees, but it's actually an aerial photo of seasonal rivers in Baja California. Adrianafranco Franco submitted the photo to My Shot, the National Geographic's online photography community.

Cabbages that look like trees when cut in half.

What else can you find!

Thank you.
Art is community.
~ a.

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