Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My friend, Michael Marcotte

Over the years, Michael’s style initially lent itself to the world of impressionism and has developed into the paintings rooted in realism that he produces now. The change in style has paralleled Michael’s life experiences over the last twenty years. His passion for painting has always been complimented by his desire to recreate the world that he observes and experiences. 

Check out his recent inspiration on his blog, click on the link below. This piece is what makes his signature style both moving and real.  He has an eye for light, detail and emotion.  Incredible. ~ a. 

WetRock Studios Gallery & Design: Continued controlled chaos: No signature yet, however the chaos in the rocky foreground is coming under control.  Some semblance of a shoreline is emerging from my pain...

For further work and biography, check out his studio and website:

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