Friday, March 29, 2013



9 are framed in this
Late Nite Series...
(March 2013)

The common theme is the hour I draw, after the exhaust of days' tasks
are tucked between my sheets and I rest, propped against fluffy pillows.

Each piece is a character; 
Each tree has a name.
Art is story,
Their story is their name. 

Most of my drawings are inspired by current states-of-mind.
However, there is a propensity from childhood that lingers in everything I do.
I hold the hands of all the skins I have ever broke through
and I admire the brevity of their touch like flickers of light trace the memory of heat that remain in the ashes of last nights' fire.

Learning is not forgetting,
and remembering is a gift.
Today I am stretching in my skin. 
There are no words when basking in the company of yesterday's sounds.
~ a.


Für Elise

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