Monday, November 18, 2013

Kiss Me!

"Tree of Love"
It grows and grows
It is drawn and redrawn
because it loves and loves.
~ Andrea Currie, Tree Artist

When I draw I am in a state of flow. When I am in my practice of creating I am mediating, channeling and releasing. I contribute my methods and techniques to be my main source of healing and growth as I am always listening to podcasts, lectures and/or music while my pen dots or ‘kisses’ the page. 
My trees are like kisses and there is a warm remembrance attached to every line, dot and shade; every thought, action and connection is expressed in my metaphor for love. 
For those of you who have received a little tree from me over the years, can you please do me the honour of sending me a photo of the tree I gave you and where you are living now. 
I am putting forests on walls all over the world and I need your help to document these trees of love.
Please lick the link below to see your fellow tree kisses from all over the world. 

Thank you for sharing, listening and connecting - you are ALL so beautiful. 

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