Wednesday, January 1, 2014

5 tips in 5 days to write your story. Writing Tip #1:

Who are you?
I am writing my story, full of monumental ups and triumphed downs.   I have discovered, underneath these layers and in their dark pits of self exploration, that I have something to share and an incredible voice to share it with. 
This same voice is in you.
So, who are you?
…Take a breath now, ahh, begin again
Open your eyes please
Turn your smile on
Realign with now as well
You start freaking out
Wishing you were peaking out
Hold it together now
Turn your smile on
Turn your smile up bright…

USS, Yo Hello Hooray

Make a list of 5 values that best describe you.  
These values create the carrot that dangles in front of your life and what you strive for achieving and being. Don’t just make observations, create a list with intention.  How do you want to feel every day? Who are you?

I made my list, what is yours?

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