Sunday, January 5, 2014

5 tips in 5 days to write your story. Writing Tip #5

Love the process, it is a process
To train is to do.  You have to start somewhere, even if it is just writing down ideas.  Become familiar with your voice and style.  What is your message? Know your literary devices, and use your resources.

Source and resource: words, thesaurus, dictionary and editor. Tools.
Value your editor as they are your best friend, they will steer you out of the fog. Stay close and open minded.

Ideas to ease your process:
  • Know the purpose of your story in and out
  • If something is not working putting it down and revisit it tomorrow
  • Don't forget to stretch! Get up from your desk and get the blood moving. Fresh ideas flow to an active body.

What are your writing tips?
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