Monday, March 24, 2014

Health Affirmations, by Louise Hay

Sorrow, by Vincent Van Gogh
Seen at MOMA, NY, November 2012

To my friends a little under the weather.
Often I find that I get so consumed with my drawing, 
I forget to stretch and shake up my qi! Blood flowing and positive vibes illuminate not only stress but ease the aches associated with pain. 
If you're sick or have the flu, this means you too. Get up off the couch and stretch, then go back to back to bed! But you need to do more than just stretch, you have to want to feel better, you have to think better. This is where my good written friend, the words of Louise Hay comes in.
Affirmations set my intention for everything I do and everything aim to do. I accomplish because I see it as an accomplished fact, because I feel what my desired outcome is. 
Words are important to me, they carry vibrations, they carry energy.
Give yourself energy! Positive healing begins with positive thoughts.
If you're feeling not-so-good, seriously try it out 
what do you have to lose except your not-so-good-feeling. Clearly, it's a win a win.

Happy feeling-so-good!

Andrea Currie, tree artist

Health Affirmations, by Louise Hay
Make these affirmations part of your daily routine. Say them often in the car, at work, while looking in the mirror, or anytime you feel your negative beliefs surfacing.

I get three colds every year.
I am safe and secure at all times. Love surrounds me and protects me.

My energy level is low.
I am filled with energy and enthusiasm.

I heal slowly.
My body heals rapidly.

My allergies act up constantly.
My world is safe. I am safe. I am at peace with all of Life.

Heart dis-ease runs in my family.
I am not my parents. I am healthy and whole and filled with joy.

I get one illness after another.
Good health is mine now. I release the past.

My back gives me constant pain.
Life loves and supports me. I am safe.

These headaches never go away.
I no longer criticize myself; my mind is at peace, and all is well.

I'm always constipated.
I allow life to flow through me.

I have sore feet.
I am willing to move forward with ease.

I'm always hurting my body.
I am gentle with my body. I love myself. 
I give myself permission to be well.

My healing is already in process.
I listen with love to my body's messages.
My health is radiant, vibrant, and dynamic now.
I am grateful for my perfect health.
I deserve good health.

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