Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Matriarch, Our Family Trees

I met Phil at a Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program event last Saturday in San Diego, California.  He shared his family project with me and has permitted me to share it with you:

Phil's words:
I wanted to share with you the family tree project that I took on.  I was able to research my maternal roots and discovered the Native American link to the women in our family.  Our mitochondrial DNA can be traced back to this woman so, as such, I created copies of the attached tree for my sisters, their daughters and grand-daughters so that they know their maternal roots and the source of their strength / energy.  The women in my family are truly amazing.

Thank you again Phil for sharing this stunning sentiment and truly magnificent piece of art with me and my PomonaLIFE community. This piece will be cherished in your family for generations to come. Such an inspiration, brilliant!! ~a. Andrea Currie, tree artist

What is your art? What do your favourite trees look like?
What does your family tree look like?!

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