Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Travelling Tree Artist ~a.

My story begins in medias res at the threshold of a New Year.

Since my arrival to California in December 2013, there have been a dozen loaned beds, couches, pillows and air mattresses, and more than a few dozen pieces of tree art produced. By the good graces and smiles of friends and strangers, I am forever inspired.

I have participated in exhibits in San Francisco and San Jose. Now, I embark on my last exhibit here in North County in beautiful Cardiff-by-the-Sea, before I head back home to Canada.

How we filter the world through our perspective, tinted or clear, rose coloured or chlorophyll glasses; how we interact with our neighbours and colleagues, the person beside us on the plane or on the bus – as we stand idle at the red light or pace quietly in our mind in the coffee shop line – who we spend the majority of our time with and how we live is our imprint on the world.

I see trees. I draw trees. I give trees. Art and sketches, doodles on napkins, recycled paper, fine art paper, wood and canvas – anything. I copy real trees, I invent trees. I put people, feelings, experiences and places in trees. Trees are the skin and the canvas that create my story.

Why trees? Because trees are layered. They grow, intertwine, sprout and thrive. Trees are rooted. Trees are intricate. Trees are simple. Trees have many purposes. Trees are our lifeblood, they provide us with food, shelter and a basic understanding of how life works. Plant, nurture, feed: love. Repeat.

Trees ask nothing but the space to grow and be.

I found this space a long time ago when I was a child sitting at my window watching the oak tree on our front lawn. Life happened here. The constant change and chaos that surrounded our lives never affected this beautiful creature. Eventually, I moved away and my parents sold that house, but that tree has never left me.

As a former high school English teacher, I draw, write and create in order to connect with a voice inside myself that vibrates within all of us. My message is of appreciation for nature, but my metaphor for why I create resonates within my subject matter. I plant seeds of inspiration, encouraging everyone to create, no matter what their medium. Creativity is the freeing and uplifting voice within ourselves and instills a balance and freedom we need to survive. It is our authentic expression and our gift to the world.

I started drawing professionally in 2011, after I lost my mother to cancer. It is in this space of creating I find an inner peace that is reflected in my methods of pointillism, stippling, crosshatching and shading. I take my time, I move slowly. This is a meditative practice as I filter the day and/or events happening around me. I connect with my mother in this space because I am happy, I am balanced and I am safe.

Why do you create? What do you create? What do you do that passes the time so quickly that when you are finished, you are in awe of what has just come out of you. Painting, drawing, dancing, cooking, decorating… art is in every expression. Art is you.

Connect with me. I post daily, I would love to hear from you. Life is how we show up and our reverence is how we appreciate the world. It’s how we celebrate, sharing our gifts, passions and strengths.

If you are in North County San Diego, please email: for more details about my intimate solo exhibit. I celebrate art with a community of artists as we host great food, incredible live music and of course fine wine.

Art is community!
Andrea Currie, tree artist

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