Thursday, May 1, 2014

What do you see?

Perception is a conscious act. 
-Deepak Chopra

The Skins of Trees Have an Inside Voice

My path as an artist has been influenced by different careers, professional interests and personal struggles. The purpose of my art is to express and document the various stages in my life applying my unique style  I am a tree artist. My art depicts the spiral of how we live and grow in a constant flux of revisiting, revising and renewing ourselves. Like trees, we build on these layers as cycles in our individual growth, making us taller, fuller and wiser. 

My subjects are trees because they act as a skin for the voice which creates my story.  Trees can be ancient and wise. Some witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations. They are functional and necessary for our survival because they provide us with oxygen, food and shelter. Trees are sublime, pure and beautiful, demanding nothing but a space to grow and be. They are stoic and magical, virtuous and inspiring. Trees are our life blood. 
Andrea Currie, tree artist


Exhibit tonight! Follow the link below for more details:

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