Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dearest Pomonians;

Use your creative voice and find your future. Ask yourself this, how can you make the world with a little bit more of you in it? 
What creative endeavours have you been putting of? What are you afraid of?

Pick up your paint brush.
Put pencil to paper.
Thread your needled.
Take that picture.
Write a letter that turns into a poem.
Look at you, you are creating!

Our greatest accomplishments are the ones fueled by channeling the whispers and nudges of inspiration and muse.  What we do, our practice and passion, finds our purpose in life. What a beautiful journey we are all on, when we give ourselves the space and the chance to make it happen. Let go to be inspired to create a little piece of you in something else.
This summer I am inspired by the landscape, water this stunning cottage country. Join me in Tobermory at WetRock Studios and Art Gallery. Email: or call the gallery (519) 596 8307 (Canada). I am here all summer long, everyday but Tuesdays. We have an incredible display of fine art paintings, drawings, photography, scultpure and unique reproductions. Looking forward to seeing you at the tip of the Bruce!

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