Sunday, August 17, 2014

Magic of Art

Art is personal. Art is special. Art is Magic.
Art is soul. Art is love. Art is community.

I met Priscilla Bernstein in San Diego, California at a wellness seminar last spring. Promoting our messages through art and love with the peace and balance creativity brings, we were captivated and intrigued as we shared our stories with one another. We exchanged sweet sentiments when we traded a piece of our craft. 
I received a quartz, moonstone and turquoise Mala bead necklace.  
Priscilla received my personalized quote, etched on bamboo:
 "When there is vulnerability there is love, when there is love there is creation."

To see more of Priscilla's exquisite conscious jewellery, please visit: 

This is a PomonaLIFE!

Thank you my friend, what a blessing it is to know you and support your journey.

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