Monday, August 4, 2014

Thank you!

I had the pleasure of working with a family in Guelph, ON last month. Using my images we created a triptych with my unique reproduction prints.
  • The tree on the left is March '12, the image was flipped and printed on watercolour paper.
  • The middle tree, July '12, was enlarged to 24"x"21 and printed on canvas.
  • Finally, the tree farthest right, November '12, was also printed on watercolour paper.
  • The art was framed later with one of my affiliate consultants.

Thank you again for this lovely experience, I'm putting forests on walls all over the world with your help!

Trees connect with everyone. We have an affinity for our lifeblood and their healing qualities. I bring the outside in, creating art to enhance your business or home environment.

My fine art is detailed and unique, embodying calming elements that promote intrigue and balance. Both my subject matter and my methods for creating aim to compliment your space and impress your employees and guests.

I offer large scale prints on canvas as well as fine art custom prints on paper. I also print on wood and other materials.
Please see my gallery for tree art ideas. 

For fine art tree design and commissions or for a free consultation and quote, 
please or call (705) 441 5900.

I celebrate nature depicting balance and peace with a reverence for chic!

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