Pomona is inspired by Nature, particularly trees.

What does your tree art look like?

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Leah's Tree
Roma, Italy (2014)

Derek's Tree, by ACurrie
Ottawa, Ontario (2014)

Keke's Tree, by ACurrie
San Diego, California (2014)

From Sally, Thank you!

From Paul, a Triptych by

Commissioned desk art! Thank you!

Thank you! Photo from Jacklyn Denise McCann
Toronto, Ontario

Thank you! Photo from Patrina
Carlsbad, California

Thank you! Photo from Dawn
Victoria, B.C.

Art by Toko-Pa

Thank you for sending me your tree Sally!
{Manitoba, Canada}

Trees by Em
{Revelstoke, B.C.}

Phil's Matriarch Tree

Thank you for linking me this photo Michelle!

Thank you for the inspiration and home decor Joia!

Reese's Tree, by Andrea Currie
AwesomenessFEST, Dominican Republic, 2013

Thank you for the picture George!
Yosemite, National Park, USA

From Terri
Andrea Currie's "July 2012" (print 5 of 12)

Lisa's Jewellery Tree 
San Diego, California

Derek's Trees, by Andrea Currie
AwesomenessFEST, Dominican Republic, 2013

Marcella Andre from Antigua
{photo by: ZiaPhotography}

Jen's Zen
Fairfax, Virginia

Peter's Palm, "Royal Palm" by Andrea Currie
Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Avi's Tree, by Andrea Currie
Bondi Beach, Australia

Thank you, Darlene Barriere
Kamloops, B.C.

"A Friend"
{Gump's Tree}

Holly's Wall of Andrea Currie's Trees
Thanks for sharing Holly!

Wine Bride, by Andrea Currie
For Vipurr & Jen

{Gump's Tree}
@ Bridges, Thornbury, ON

{photo by: Gump}
Ontario Summer

"Coco's Tree" by Andrea Currie
Collingwood, Ontario

{Photo by Paul Levy}
A very old olive tree.

{Photo by Paul Levy}

"T's Tree" by Andrea Currie
Whistler, BC

From Jay:

Images starting top right, clockwise: 
A view into outer space, a nebula; x-ray of a heart; a deciduous tree; x-ray of capillaries in a lung. 

From a distance, it looks like an illustration of trees, but it's actually an aerial photo of seasonal rivers in Baja California. Adrianafranco Franco submitted the photo to My Shot, the National Geographic's online photography community.

From Carol:

Cabbages that look like trees when cut in half.

"Illuminating View"
Sent from Hailey

Thank you Katy!!

"Wizard Tree"
by: Dawn

Footprints, Eco Store
Guelph, ON
Unknown Artist

{by: Jessica Villa}
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Sir Galahad"
{by: Deirdre Morris}

 "Jen-Jen" by Andrea Currie, May 7, 2007
Guelph, Ontario

"Westjet Flight Attendant" by Andrea Currie
September 2, 2011

"Yaweh" by Andrea Currie, April 2012
Collingwood, Ontario

"Southey" by Andrea Currie, September 2011
Vancouver, BC

"Duncan Late Fall Colour"
{by: TWJohnson}

"Europe Design"
{by: Jeremy}

{by: TWJohnson}

"Red Birch"
{by: TWJohnson}
Collingwood, ON

Artist Unknown
{from: Sarah}

Collingwood, ON
{by: TWJohnson}

Crab Apple Tree, Collingwood
{from: Dave}

Tobermory, ON
{by: a.currie}

"Felt Bowls"
{by: Christine Arkell}
Handmade in Windsor, ON

"Happy Birthday"
{by: Melissa}
From Melissa's Kitchen, Chocolate decadence

{by: TWJohnson}
From a dream he had once ...

{by: Nicole Kiss}
Orillia, ON

{by: TWJohnson}

Vancouver, BC
{by: a.currie}

Collingwood, ON
{by: John Adams}

Whistler, BC
{from: Jay Smith}

Whistler, BC
{from: Amy Hawker}

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